Bits and bobs….

I had a drive down to the shop last week as a treat before the summer holidays start and took some pictures of all the colourful bits and bobs there are for sale!

Silk ribbon and DMC cotton which is great for lacemaking and also needle lace and stumpwork.

I was also lucky enough to meet Sue who often talks to us on our facebook page and see the AMAZING quilt which she has been working on.DSC_0293The quilt is the ‘Foxley village’ pattern from Homespun magazine.  It has taken Sue around a year to complete which I think is amazing when you see the detail in the blocks.DSC_0296

Sue has used blanket stitch on each of those little birds, just look at the work she has put in!DSC_0297And even the sign for the sewing classes has been intricately stitched.DSC_0298And all the quilting which you can see on the photos has been done by hand.dsc_0295.jpgIt really is divine isn’t it?


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