Woolly Things

We have a great stock of British Wool now so we thought it would be fun to make a display of it all even with a knitted Union Jack (knitted from British wool of course!).


You have to admire that even the words British Wool have a very British feel to them.



Various yarns from West Yorkshire Spinners. Above you can see both the natural browns and some of the British bird range. On the left is Blue Tit and on the right Wood Pigeon. Then in the photograph below there is the natural Blue Faced Leicester top left, top right Owl, below that Bull Finch bottom right and Pheasant bottom left, all in a DK weight.


We are still stocking the Erika Knight yarns, you can see her British Blue along the top of the following photographs. In the middle row of the photographs below is the wonderful Countryside Tweed in five different shades from Woolyknit.



In the next photograph you can see the Jarol range of British wool, more of the Erika Knight yarn and the Ramsdale.


The hardest decision is which to knit with first. So come and visit and see them in all their glory and you will not be disappointed with how beautifully they all knit up.

Another new range in the wool shop this week is the adorable Puppy Scarves. Boxed up beautifully with the yarn and the pattern as well as a ready knitted head, tail and legs all included. The yarn has a self patterning print on it so you only have to knit straight and it comes out with this wonderful pattern. Then to finish off just attach the top and tail, hey presto a gorgeous puppy scarf, soft as anything. We have quite a few colour ranges in of this so again pop down to the shop and see them in the fur!

IMG_2160 IMG_2161 IMG_2162